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 My name is Thor Erik, I’m 24 years old, you can read more here: About me

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Weechat and Remote Growl Notifications

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So I decided to move to WeeChat, but I ran into one issue I’ve always had with irssi, I like to get a desktop notification that is visual and gives me info if there is something I have to respond to or if it can wait like most other clients does.

I started looking into growl notifications since I already got growl and It’s usually quite good. First off, there is a lot of scripts out there for this, but most are designed to talk to Growl 1.x, using Growl’s UDP (feature removed in 1.3 because it didn’t work for the majority of people).

Caching Wordpress. Part 1

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Diving into caching plugins for Wordpress

Getting started

Today I started optimising my other site, and in the process i decided to do a quick test of how well my blog(my old Wordpress based blog) ran in comparison.

The result was terrifying at best, a measly 7 requests per second when hosted with NGINX front-end, IIS as app server using php on fcgi.